Visual arts, music, movement/dance classes and environmental education are taught by specialist teachers at Gan Shalom.

Dance or “Jelly Jam” Class

  • A story-based dance class for three- to five-year olds.
    This class uses active storytelling by incorporating elements of creative movement, creative dance and creative theater. The teacher guides the children by enthusiastically telling the story and inviting them to become its many elements: characters, places and objects. Our teacher, Risa, intentionally approaches the stories with awareness of social-emotional growth and developmentally appropriate content. Each thirty minute class focuses on one story.
  • A creative movement class focusing on a song or story for two- to three-year olds.
    Through songs and movement activities, Risa engages the younger children to explore different ways to move – playing with the many elements of dance and theatrics such as speed, rhythm, volume and pathways. Small stories are sprinkled in throughout this thirty-minute class.


Students learn about music in Jewish culture. Students listen to differnt types of music, sing, play instruments, and create their own songs. Both the 2’s program and the 3-5 year old program enjoy a weekly music class. The songs of Gan will fill your home and your heart through the year and over the Jewish holidays.