Gan Shalom’s Summer Camp is an extraordinary and fun experience for children!

This year’s camp is divided into thematic sessions led by Gan Shalom’s teachers and professionals with years of experience in Jewish education. Children will be exposed to a Jewish environment and learn through play and fun encounters!

Each unit will offer an interdisciplinary and exciting educational experience with Jewish content. Here is the list of themes of our four summer sessions:

24 June – 5 July, 2019 — Pirates in the Garden

Join us on an exploration of the real treasure island in our backyard! This session’s theme builds on something that has been loved by generations of children at Gan Shalom: pirates! We will explore the treasures of earth and water in a new learning environment at Gan – our garden. Gardens offer immense opportunities for Jewish learning in the outdoors; the cycle of life, experimentation, nature, food and much more. Together we will learn about seeds, plants, the earth and the importance of water for plants and ourselves. We will experiment and play with water and discover the power of nature through art, science and imagination!

8 July – 19 July, 2019 — Mad Scientists Fly to Neverland

Ready to take off? Get ready to fly to global destinations, to the moon and all the way to Neverland! Come to experiment, discover and wonder while practicing science. In this session, through science and art, children will learn about the scientific cycle of inquiry, engaging in various scientific projects of their choice while also playing, imagining and dreaming about far away lands such as Neverland. This is also the session of Yellow Submarine – where children are treated to one morning of watching Yellow Submarine with related activities with Teacher Robin – this is one of Gan Shalom’s children’s favorite day of the school year! By the end of the session, children will have explored a number of different experiments and tinkered with different materials.

22 July – 2 August, 2019 — Shadow Artists in the Jungle

Bring your story to life and learn to be a shadow puppeteer. Engage in the various ways that shadow puppet stories can be told. We will build a whole session around the themes of shadow/light, shadow puppetry and combine that with learning about animals. We will guide children to build their own puppets and create their own shows, as well as plan and perform. Campers will learn about the structure of a story and will build confidence with storytelling.

5 August – 9 August, 2019 — Creating with Nature

Natural materials are at the root of our work at Gan Shalom and of an ecofriendly approach to teaching and learning. We will have lots of hands-on fun allowing children to interact with our environment. During this session, children will create art that is inspired by nature. They will work with natural colors and dyes and enjoy natural teas and herbs picked from our garden. Nature gives us endless possibilities and will inspire our work!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Gan Shalom Summer Camp, please contact Gan Shalom’s Preschool Director, Beatrice J.V. Balfour, at